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Because I personally think there is a big difference between day and night festivals in terms of energy, vibe and overall focus in photos, I've made a separate photography album for day festivals. Below you find some of the clients that I've had the honor to work for.

City of Dance Festival in Middelburg, The Netherlands. FIJN Events hired me as their personal photographer for their techno stage at City of Dance in 2018.

Zoute Neuzen Festival in Terneuzen, The Netherlands, was a day festival focused on entertainment for all ages. Both live music and entertainment were important.

Cuisine Machine in Vlissingen, The Netherlands was a foodtruck festival which mainly focused on.. take a guess, food and drinks. With over 40 foodtrucks and over 15.000 visitors in 4 days this event turned out to be way bigger than the promoters ever expected. Great weather, good food and loads of great people. 

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