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Poederbaas is a well-known skiing and snowboarding brand in The Netherlands. Back in 2017 they hosted the Poederbaas Freeride Festival together with the Belgium freeskiing competitions and The Battle of the Lowlands in Val Thorens, France, 2017. This competition was sponsered by Peak Performance, ERU Prestige, Xion, Salomon, REVO, PETZL, Sony Action Cam's and the NKBV. As you can imagine, the competition between the 2 countries was fierce, but friendly. I stayed in Val Thorens for 7 days, with 5 days of preperation and 2 days for the actual competition. So far this series has been one of the most challenging I've done because of the fact I broke my left wrist on the second day. Luckily I'm right handed.

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