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This album consists of a small series I did back in 2015 in the French Alps and a mixture of images I took along the southwestern and northwestern coast of France. 


My first ever planned trip solely focused on visiting well known scenic hotspots wasn't without a couple of hiccups. The plan was perfect up until the point where we had to physically get up these steep hiking trails with our heavy backpacks, pummeled by horrible weather and the freezing cold. Because it was the first time doing such a trip I didn't how to properly pack my backpack, which essentials I had to leave for which occasion, what gear worked for which situation and how to mentally keep myself motivated to keep on going. The original plan was to travel for about 9 days. After ending up in sudden snowstorms twice and bruising my knee we decided to cut the trip short after 5 days. At that specific moment I was pretty bummed out, but back in the comfort of my own home I was grateful I had the chance to learn so many skills in such a short period of time and still managed to take couple of great photos. 

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