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If you love landscape photography as much as I do, you probably follow a couple of inspirational photographers on Instagram. Therefore, it's pretty hard not to bump into photos made in Iceland or to notice the impact it's had on landscape photographers who favor the north. Some see it as the holy grail for landscape photography. After doing this 2,5 week trip, looping the island back in the fall of 2016, it's easy to understand why. Hence the massive surge in tourism in the last couple of years. Every hour drive is radically different from the hour before. The desolation, the alienness, the beauty, the ruggedness. As the south is filled with enormous waterfalls, icefields and geisers, the north feels like you're driving on the moon; barely a soul to be seen and nothingness as far as the eye can see.


Everything has a fairytale'esk feel to it, its unpredictable nature and ruggedness make up for a landscape which is hard to get a grasp on and even harder to put down your camera.

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