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Ireland has always been a intriguing country to me. The weather, the coastline, the culture, the people and last but not least; the food. Back in spring 2016 I decided to do a 2 week trip along the rugged and exceptionally beautiful west coast. Packed my bags and left mid June, hoping to get at least a couple of sunny days on a coast infamous for its unpredictable weather, rain and heavy winds. But, as expected from a country which has an average amount of 225 days of rain a year; it did rain a lot. Because I was hitchhiking and hiking along the coast, there were a couple of rough days, but because of the people and the food my moral and motivation to catch a glimpse of what the west coast had to offer never wavered. 


A kind lady I met on Achill Peninsula told me: ''The beauty of this rainy weather is that it brings out the natural colors and textures of Ireland.. The greys, the greens, the rocks and the ocean. This is what makes Ireland beautiful, because it doesn't need the sun to leave you speechless.'' Because of what she said my whole perception of what rain does to a landscape changed dramatically. From there on the main focus of this series became the change the landscape undergoes because of rain and the change in light. Conclusion: Rain ain't so bad. 

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