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Since 2011 I've been very active within the party and event scene in my province, which naturally became a big part and influence in my photography. Throughout the years I've worked for a big variety of different kinds of parties, dances and raves. The thrill of loud music, people having fun and forgetting the daily rut is something that I love and cherish. Being a part of the magical moment where the doors open, up until the moment the doors close is a challenge to capture with just your camera. Trying to depict the essence of that night is something that has always pushed the limit of what I can do with my camera and my creativity. 

Clients I've worked for: FIJN Events, Survival Of The Hardest, Timmerfabriek Vlissingen, Lasloods, City Of Dance, Groove To Chill, Soul Stereo, Cafe Schuttershof, Op Bezoek, Losbollig, That's My Jam and a variety of local venues. 

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