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In 2011 I started working for Timmerfabriek Vlissingen as a stagehand. The Timmerfabriek is an enormous naval carpentry factory in my hometown that got restored because of its historical importance. Part of its historical importance are the windows that cross the whole length and height of the building. The windows are configured in smaller sections that create a beautiful pattern of light across the ground. This pattern is a part of the character of the building. In all of the photos of the dishes I used this pattern to add the character of the Timmerfabriek. Throughout these years up until now we hosted a big variety of events, both commercial and non-commercial. Since 2015 we started doing a pop-up restaurant with the famous and ever kind Michel Louws. Naturally, I had the privilege to create a series of photos for its second year to boost its promotion outside of our part of the province.

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